NORC has developed a methodology, using proprietary statistical tools, to support an organization’s initiatives to de-identify its protected health information. X-ID tools give data owners the ability to define their desired risk and analytic utility thresholds. The NORC X-ID system enables data owners to customize the type of data they manage and deliver to meet specific business and research needs, which makes for higher quality research and more valuable outcomes.

Unlike other systems, the X-ID process relies on NORC’s renowned team of statistical experts, with proven success in disclosure limitation and expert determination. Using innovative approaches, X-ID incorporates NORC’s statistical expertise into de-identification solutions that allow for the optimal balance of analytic utility and disclosure risk.

Through its work on large and complex projects for clients such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Reserve Board, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others, NORC has built a team of professional disclosure experts who use scientific principles and statistical methods to assign suitable measures of disclosure risk and data utility. The NORC X-ID experts’ evaluations will meet the requirements of your organization’s Compliance Office.

Compared to approaches with limited simultaneous control on risk and utility, NORC’s X-ID de-identifies data via two different proprietary advanced statistical methods that yield highly usable and valuable data in a compressed timeframe. Working within the parameters dictated by the client’s disclosure needs and limitations, both the input and the output methods maintain important dependencies within the data resulting in data sets with exceedingly high utility.

With X-ID, data users will be able to reliably estimate many quantities on the de-identified data including:

  • Means, totals, and proportions
  • Variances and co-variances
  • Correlations and odds ratios
  • Regression models
  • Quality measures

NORC’s X-ID gives you granular control over appropriate levels of risk for the dataset in question, ensuring that you meet your data goals and are also in compliance with any target regulations like HIPAA and other key guidelines.

Input De-identification NORC X-ID uses micro-group level transformation of data to eliminate the risk of re-identification associated with using unit-level data. The X-ID system retains data value and controls disclosure risk by leveraging sophisticated survey sampling methods.

Output De-identification Using pre-specified analysis domain level restrictions, NORC X-ID automatically de-identifies the output of queries or analysis applied to sensitive data residing behind a secure firewall and protects output from differencing attacks.